What’s Wrong With the City’s Bike Program?

Santa Cruz Councilmember Micah Posner believes the city’s bike distribution should go back to a nonprofit like the Bike Church, rather than to auction. Photo by Chip Scheuer

Casey Monahan, last year’s Santa Cruz youth mayor, owes his job in part to the Bike Church and the free bicycle distribution program, which the nonprofit operated though the spring of 2012.
“Every day I got to work and school and here on a bike that I got through the bicycle distribution program for youth,” Monahan said in the Santa Cruz City Council chambers last month, as councilmembers weighed the future of the program.

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Bike Distribution Program Under New Management

Until about six months ago, Santa Cruz Police took bikes that were deemed abandoned or stolen and gave them to organizations like the Bike Church. Steve Schnaar, a Bike Church member, found that police recently decided to instead entrust The Bike Dojo, a downtown business, with the distributions—partly a cost-saving measure according to the police department.

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Fundraiser Lends Hand to Student Bike Programs

Bobby D. Richardson gives students a balanced education in his Bike Tech classes. Photo by Dain Zaffke.

Bobby D. Richardson has been working on bikes for 33 years, but he didn’t start teaching people about them until September. Now the former bike mechanic instructs students at Scotts Valley High School in how to work on bikes, thanks to joint funding from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Project Bike Trip, a nonprofit that’s gearing up for a bike-a-thon fundraiser on behalf of students next month.

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Council Approves Pogonip Multi-Use Trail

Mountain bikers will soon be getting a new place to ride in a city park. Santa Cruz City Council approved construction of the Pogonip East Multi-Use Trail on Tiuesday night. The controversial trail, which will be open to bikers, equestrian and pedestrians, will offer a passage to the park’s U-Conn trail and up to UC–Santa Cruz.

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