Musical KR3TURE: Interview with Krikor Andonian

Krikor Andonian aka KR3TURE

Santa Cruz-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Krikor Andonian has been a part of several successful local projects, including now-dissolved audiafauna and the subsequent feral fauna. His ethereal and fluid themes combined with his own self-taught production style creates a very unique and rich musical signature. However, for the better part of the last decade, he has focused…

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Preview: Leo Kottke at the Rio

Leo Kottke has pretty much banned himself from live interviews, because he can’t stop talking. He wrote Santa Cruz Weekly from the safety of his computer as he prepared for his show at the Rio.

Leo Kottke sits down with an acoustic guitar—likely one of his trademark Taylors—as the uproarious applause of the full theater before him quiets. He launches into “William Powell,” plucking and hammering away furiously at an open E chord for about four bars. Then he takes a breath and stops. “That’s a little fast. I’m going…

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