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Giving it your all: Lessons learned from sea otter moms

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About Giving it your all: Lessons learned from sea otter moms

Dr. Nicole Thometz shares what she has learned after years studying the investment of sea otter moms to their pups.

"Superimposed on inherently high baseline energy demands, the additional energetic cost of reproduction can push female sea otters to their physiological limits. Recent research has identified reproduction as a major contributing factor to over half of adult female mortality cases in California. Given the importance of successful pup rearing to species recovery and population persistence, we examine the reproductive physiology of sea otters in order to better understand individual patterns, overall energetic costs, and resulting population level consequences. By combining metabolic data obtained from captive sea otters with behavioral data from wild mom-pup pairs we have gained new insight into the impressive journey sea otter moms must undertake to successfully raise pups to weaning."

Come away with a new appreciation for these dedicated marine mammal moms, and a renewed incentive to "respect the nap"!

This free talk is an official Sea Otter Awareness Week event.

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