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Naturalist Night: Getting to Know Mushroom Cultivation

Santa Cruz Museum Of Natural History
Thu Jan 16 7pm - 8:30pm Ages: family friendly

About Naturalist Night: Getting to Know Mushroom Cultivation

Many in Santa Cruz know the thrill of stumbling upon a flush of delicious Chanterelles or scouring high and low for a Lion’s Mane clinging to a tree trunk. But for most of us, the mushrooms that we eat have been cultivated and distributed to stores.

Join Justin Pierce, professional mushroom propagator, for a lecture exploring an array of fungal cultivation aspects, from sterile culture work and cloning to fruiting. This talk will also emphasize home cultivation projects for those interested in starting their own mushroom garden!

About the speaker: Justin Pierce grew up in Santa Cruz enjoying the natural beauty of the county. They have been with the Santa Cruz Fungus Federation for 10 years, currently serving as Prime Minister. Justin works as the spawn lab technician for Far West Fungi located in Moss Landing, spending each work day in the lab propagating mushroom mycelium "spawn" for a variety of mushroom species for production and sales. Justin has spent a significant amount of time photographing the mushrooms of the county and has been published in both online and printed articles.
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